Saturday, December 27, 2008
The Transporter 3

Last night Iman and I went to see the 3rd sequel of the transporter at Bekasi Square...(hehehhe where else?) The theater was nice, not too full since people here were more interested in watching some local slapstick comedy or Bolt, which I recently watched yeah, we're flying free. Got us perfectly good seats, and there we were nibbling on some beng bengs we got earlier.

Over all, the plot was very you prolly know already if you've watched the other 2 sequels, Frank Martin the cold face driving wonder needed to deliver Valentina, a kidnapped Ukrainian Minister's daughter from Marseilles to Odessa. And ofcourse, the course will not be THAT simple. With a whim-wham sham-a-lam transporter style car chases with the well known Black Audi and Frank Martin's martial art super wonder along the way, the movie leads us to a steamy relationship between Frank and Valentina.

Pretty interesting and entertaining... fun, and it scored a 7 out of 10 in my book :)
happy watching...

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Friday, December 26, 2008
Diary of a Wimpy Kid....

As a wimpy kid myself, I was pretty lured to read this book just reading the title. Actually, my friend Rita introduced me to this easy read - fun book a while ago and she lent her first copy of the book for me. I was pretty keen on finishing it since i found it hilarious and hard to put down! This book is a very truthful straight-to-the-bone honest daily things that could happen to a middle schooler anywhere. Kudos to Jeff Kinney, he wrote it in a way it sounds funny yet leading the readers to come up with their own sense of 'doing what's right'. I can so relate to the book since the kid in me was yelling, "deja vu!" while reading some of the stories...hehehhe. Jeff Kinney also added some of his cool cartoons as the illustrations, which jazz the book up some more. I'm liking his style!

I think this book would make a great gift for your late elementary to middle school boys... a good read indeed.

Jeff Kinney also have the online version of the book in his website, so give it a go, maybe you'll smile and think...i've been in that kinda situation when i was a kid :)


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The Great Sensation- Jason Mraz!
Mmmmh...recently i have been sooo amused by this artist called Jason Mraz. Such a talented young man with a golden luring voice...well, nothing like Bono from U2 but hell yeah, he's got my vote for being a good entertainer. He plays guitar, God knows by that fact alone he just scored a huge extra point in my book, and also he's got this mellow yet friendly tone of voice that would take your mind wondering to exotic places. What a treat! If you haven't been listening to his work, check this one out! I picked this one piece because Winter Wonderland was one of my favorite holiday songs...

and if you are interested in knowing more abot Mr.A-Z you prolly should check out his site:

happy holidays everyone!

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Hahahaha...might as well tell you, the secret of my understanding a little Japanese was my interest in watching the Japanese doramas or TV dramas. So glad i am living in Jakarta where i can easily get a hold on those dvd doramas...i knoooow i knowww that is such a bad act of piracy supporting, but what can i say, they are pretty luring! Gomen ne... :(

After a while of waiting, I got my hands on this particular doramas called Kurosagi which tells us about a guy, whose family were messed up real good by a swindler (con artist) and then he sworn to avenge his family by getting back to those swindlers around. Pretty interesting. Especially when I knew it was played by Yamashita Tomohisa or known as YamaPi by his adoring fans (that includes me, i guess. hehehe) I kept on marathon watching it and loving every minute of it! Sugoi!

So if you are a doramalover and a YamaPi fan this one series is a must see and scores big time according to me. Yaaaaaay....YamaPi rules! Motto motto kakkoii desu!

see what i mean? hehehhe...jaa ne!

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Entertainment catching up this week! -Twilight-
My my my...just realized that I have been missing out on some of the goodies lately when it comes to common entertainments due to my extra crammed-up workloads...luckily now i have the privilege and the time to do some catch up on that department! Starting with movies...

Recently everywhere I go I keep on hearing raves and comments about Twilight the movie. Well, actually I have heard about this best selling novel by Stephenie Meyer turned big hit movie from quite a while ago from the Middle School-High School Library. I have always wondered what's all the big fuss about, but the books were sooo hot and wanted i was never getting any chance to lay my hands on one, until the friggin movie was released!

The "girls" (by that i meant my elementary students) were always asking me if I'm gonna go watch the movie soon. Some moms even told me that it's a must see and some of them even went to see the movie like 4 times! That sure gave me a big push. I got to see this! :) And finally one 'easy' night, I succeeded in dragging Iman mijn liebchen to watch it in EX after work. We got one of the front seaters...(sucks!)but luckily the seat was quite comfy I didn't mind it that much.

To cut to the chase here's what the main idea's about: Twilight tells a story about Bella a girl recently moved in to live with her father in a small town Forks, DC. There she met an interesting guy, Edward Cullen who never failed to surprise her with his extraordinary charms...until Bella found out that he's actually a "vegetarian" vampire. And the story rolls from there. Over all I thought that was a good teen romance. Entertaining with easy on the eyes casts. pretty cool effects, and it lead me to finally gave up, and just buy the damn books. Hehehhe.... Iman as I had predicted thought it was pretty girlie and plain. Aww well, I couldn't really sell the 'Edward Cullen' cuteness charms point on him, I suppose! ehhh, nevermind..

So, yeah...I'm on the first book now out of the 3 that have been released, so far the book offered more detailed graphic in my head...with that cute Edward Cullen from the movie, though...played by Robert Pattinson.

check Stephenie Meyer's site for more info about her books:

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Friday, December 19, 2008
Holiday season's here!
Pfiuhhh....FINALLY this semester's over! officially today was it. the last day of school this year. And so the holiday's started...yippeeee...wowwieeee...can't seem to scream enough to express my new found freedom! After 2 rough weeks of holidays stuff to take care of, the idea of 4 weeks with no school enlightens me somehow...hehehhe.
bayangin aja, nyiapin persiapan winter concert anak anak udah dimulai dari 2 minggu yang lalu, latihan gabungan, props making dan segala tetek bengek...belum lagi christmas celebrations, party hmmm...guess i deserve the restful break after all :p here are some of the highlights of the past weeks....picture paints a thousand words, i believe...

the backdrop: kids made paperback puppets of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, cut out the xmas tree-hand...santa (a teenie tiny one-"he's not fat enough!" according to our own A.J) and the sleigh full of gifts and pressents!

The very festive looking cupcakes are courtesy of AJ's mom, Vivian. Thanks a lot! they were yummy yet too hard to eat...coz they're just plainly too cute to eat!

everyone Christmas needs a tree, no? if not...where are we putting all these pressies??? :)

Cayden and his smart suit...ready for the winter concert! ain't he cute???

Jassie is simply planning her best designing skill on her Christmas stick-a-card

while Taj is creating her masterpiece on the Christmas cookie!

This is what it looked like when we're having the Christmas could say no to THOSE???? especially 15 excited little 5-6 year olds!

seems unbelievable that a couple of minutes before, they were this serious looking crowd listening to the Christmas story...:P

Kindergarten D gets ready for the holiday concert...singing esta es la navidad and winter waltz, carrying their hand made snowflakes! they put on a good show...really proud of them.

time to exchange gifts from under the tree! sooooooo fun! everyone was so excited and yelling : "JUST WHAT I WANTED!" hihihihi...staged indeed :p

Last but not least...I'd also like to take this moment to say:
"Merry Christmas and happy holidays" to my friends out there...may the new year's be blessed and prosperous!

peace out!

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Monday, December 8, 2008
Omah Sendok trip with the ladies....
Sebagai petualang kuliner sejati...nggak afdol rasanya kalao nggak nyoba tempat tempat makan baru...recently temenku ngajak makan siang keluar kantor (which we rarely can do due to our line of work ..:p ), dan berhubung waktunya terbatas, jadilah kita cari tempat yang deket deket kantor aja, kebayoran baru areas...maka kita pun bergerak menuju this supposedly good Indonesian cuisine boutique resto di jalan Mpu Sendok, yang namanya Omah Sendok, which means rumah sendok dalam bahasa jawa. Lucu juga...bagus idenya. Resto ini punya dua venue, indoor dan outdoor...karena kita tipe tipe ibu ibu yang 'ribut' jadilah kita pilih yang outdoor aja...hehhehe. pilih poolside area...dan langsung sibuk pilih pilih menu. Omah Sendok ini menyajikan menu khas indonesia, walaupun agak di jazz up a lil bit...macem nasi ulam, soto tangkar, nasi timbel, sate bali dan banyak lagi deh. Harga makanannya cukup reasonable menurut gue. Main course rata rata under Rp. 40.000. Melalui deskripsi menu, gue tertarik nyoba soto iga bakar madu. Kayaknya hujan hujan begini mantap juga makan yang panas panas. Untuk minumnya gue pilih lemon hangat yang hmmm....just right. Salah satu temenku pesan minuman yang namanya bir pletok baru tau kalau minuman tradisional indonesia ada yang rasanya kayak gitu! it was manis, spicy, wangi dan hangat, kerasa ada cinnamon dan other spices in there sooo similar sama hot wine yang pernah gue minum kalo lagi winter. Gue pun tergoda untuk pesan satu. Dan pesanan gue pun datanglah. Wow...porsinya cukup besar, nasi dan iga bakar madunya diletakkan terpisah dari bowl yang berisi kuah soto yang mengepul panas. Yummm-o gue nggak tahan untuk cicip kuah sotonya, yang menurut beberapa temen gue taste a little bit on the salty side...tapi when you add up all that nice juicy ribs that soo tender and sweet everything adds up alright to me. Superb! to end the lunch with a sweet note, gue pesan bubur sum sum dan pesan pisang caramel for dessert yang everyone agreed yummy banget! definitely coming back kayaknya gue...hehehhe :)
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Sunday, December 7, 2008
ImanShanty reached year #5 !!!

wow! the big day finally arrived..the moment of truth...hahahha kalo kata beberapa temen gue, gue mustinya dapet piagam long service...secara kemaren, 6 Desember 2008 genap 5 tahun sudah gue jadi istrinya seorang Iman Perdana Bachmid.
Kalo gue inget 5 tahun yang lalu, gue sama Iman sama sama sibuk ngurusin pernikahan, dan at the same time baru mulai merintis karier...semua serba sibuk, serba susah...tapi alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar...akad nikah di function room gedung bidakara, dilanjutkan sama resepsi si ruang binakarna- gedung bidakara...hmm...everything's still fresh out of my mind...gimana gue di dandanin tanpa boleh liat kaca, dan diwanti wanti sama nyokap nggak boleh komen aneh aneh sama dandanan gue....gimana gue membatin: "damn! i looked like juju srimulat!" gimana iman bingung setengah mati waktu mas kawin ketinggalan di dalam kamar hotel dan kamarnya kekunci dari dalem sama mbak mumun. many little stories yang sekarang jadi bahan ketawaan, tapi dulu waktu kejadian rasanya huh, mau mati aja :P heheheh.... dan sekarang time flies..itu semua kejadian 5 tahun yang lalu.
So, untuk merayakan moment 'long service' itu...gue pengen do something yang rada ngga biasa aja...gue arrange a getaway week end ke bandung...just the 2 of us...a trip, with nothing planned but a good time. Untungnya gue dapet hotel enak yang letaknya walking distance sama all the 'in' spot di bandung....wehh...when i say bandung, maksudnya lebih ke factory outlets siiih...hehehhe, bole dooong sambil menyelam minum juice! hehehhe. Gue booked us up a fairly fancy room at the grand serela hotel...letaknya yang di jalan riau bikin kita tinggal melenggang kalo mau ke heritage atau cascades atau stamp...atau apalah namanya...para FOs ituh.
Brangkat dari rumah udah rada telat...berhubung udah deket lebaran haji, banyak other arrangement yang musti kita selesai-in dulu...musti mampir ke pekayon dkk...jadilah kita meninggalkan bekasi hampir jam 12 siang..padahal hotel is booked FOR jam 12 siang! aww well...yang penting kita udah on the road lahhh....dan seperti yang bisa diduga, 3 days week end bikin jalanan ke bandung macet berat! banyak banget mobil plat B yang berbondong bondong ke bandung. Eh ditambah lagi ada kecelakaan di deket pintu tol padalarang, jadi deh kita ngantri sekitar 1 km sebelum bisa bayar tol....nasiiip nasiiip....
hampir jam 2 siang kita baru masuk kota Bandung...
langsung check in dulu lah, udah beres, baru kita jalan mau cari lunch. oalaaaaa....nggak taunya hujan derasss ngga kira kira! maka batal-lah niat mau jalan kaki cari tempat makan disekitar riau. kita muter muter pake mobil, ceritanya mau cari tempat makan kepiting yang direcommend sama Bu Retno, Rumah Makan kepiting, ngga ketemu! hujan deras pulaaak! ya udah, pasrahlah mampir tempat makan yang kelewatan aja...namanya Riung Sari, rumah makan sunda.
karena laper, kita ngga banyak cincong deh, langsung pesen...aku pesen nasi bakar, iman pesen nasi timbel...ehhh pas liat nasi bakar gue dia berganti haluan mau nasi bakar juga. dasar copy cat :P turns out nasi bakarnya enak...(apa kita laper banget aja ya? tau juga deh...)
Pulang dari situ kita balik ke hotel, explore the facilities...mampir ke underground karaoke dan barnya...ternyata keren juga...decor-nya ala harem arabian gitu...tiap room karaokenya decor-nya beda beda...kita janjian sama bartendernya, nanti malam mau check out live music performance di situ. Ternyata waktu malem around jam 10-an kita turun, tempatnya rada mati gaya, hahahha...karaokenya sih kayaknya mayan penuh, tapi di live show areanya cukup culun...buat bikin rada 'nyala' we ordered up some drinks...oh by the way...pletoknya disini enak :) we stayed for another couples of drinks...dan sekitar jam 12-an come back up to our room...pretty wasted. hehehe....gapapalah ga tiap tiap kaaan? pokoknya we did some tolol stuff yang bikin ngakak kalo diinget inget...gue draw a hot bath dan 'menyelam' di bath tub sambil nyanyi nyanyi..didalam air. and that was like 1 am! Serasa mermaid sekaliii...:p while at the same time iman was too busy minding his own business buat check out what i was doing. hihihihi....culun :)

next morning woke up with the biggest hangover, i need coffee...and after getting ready, we went downstairs to have breakfast :) sorry to say, breakfastnya: blahh...tapi kopinya coy...alarm clock abbess...bikin gue langsung melek! very strong...we went straight to the outlets after that..jalan kaki tentunya... seru juga, dan kita berhasil pulang dengan bawaan yang cukup some cool t-shirts and stuff...jam 12-an balik ke kamar, istirahat bentar trus get ready buat beli titipan mama di toko kue bawean...dan guess what??? Bandung lagi lagi ujan besar! gagal deh niat kita buat mampir parijs van java buat kongkow...we ended up straight looking for lunch, dan di deket daerah stasiun kereta api, kita liat plang restoran "Kepiting Pekalongan". Berhubung kemaren nyari tempat makan kepiting nggak jadi karena ga ketemu, yah kita pun berenti dan berharap kepiting yang ini juga sama ok-nya sama si kepiting parit :) Hmmm kesan pertama, waduhh mahal nih, seporsinya tu kepiting pekalongan harganya Rp.110.000 tapi kita boleh pesen setengah porsi ajah.. ternyata meeen, itu kepiting raksasa! gue pesen setengah porsi aja udah kelimpungan ngabisinnya...pokoknya puas deh, menikmati kepiting pulen nikmat yang sarat bumbu...kalo menurut gue bumbunya rada mirip sama saos padang, tapi lebih pekat dan kentel. very yummy, highly recommended! kita juga pesan kodok goreng mentega, dan again, kodoknya kayaknya kodok atlet nih...soalnya pahanya gede banget...hehehe...kenyang makan enak, kita pun bertolak untuk pulang ke bekasi...wishing every step of the way kita bisa jalan jalan kayak gini lagi...
yah...semoga Allah memberi kita berdua kesempatan untuk tetep sama sama menjalani kehidupan pernikahan ini sampai tahun tahun kedepan. Amien.

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welcome to my life!

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Monday, December 1, 2008
Ah! he likes it!

Tepat jam 12 malem gue samperin iman yang lagi main games di luar (d'uh what else??), bring him the cake...he looked happy and all smiley. trus gue give him a kiss dan we started cutting the cake...he straight away took a huge piece and chomping away....he likes it!!! hehehhe....katanya enak banget... ( I hope iman nggak cuma nyeneng nyenengin gue yaa) Alhamdulillah....happy birthday again, beb...

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