Monday, December 21, 2009
Mother's Day Special

Dear Allah,
tomorrow will be the day that Indonesian celebrate Mother's Day...a day that I thought was sort of taken for granted for years...well, not this year....not by me.

You might think I am over reacting a bit when I say being a mother *a good mother that is* is the hardest occupation ever existed in the face of the earth. Well what do i know, some might say...I am not a mother yet, but I do happen to have a GREAT mother. So I DO know.

Allah, as a daughter, I often thought that I am a lousy one...I ignore my mother at times...yet she still find ways to show her care by yelling at me...not one bit, she ignores me back.

When I was younger I used to be such a sneaky mean lil bi*ch by talking back at my mother...yet she held me when I was devastated by stupid puppy love broken hearts.

When I grew older, we became more like friends, my mother and I...we talk...we go places...we have our girlie adventures...we share.

I am realizing lucky i am to have such a lovable mother. How stupid I am not realizing any sooner. I am in need of my mother. She is my role model. She is my hero.

Allah, now my hero is lying helpless in a sickbed. Her strength shown in her eyes, but her frail body is failing her. Oh I wish I could do something for her.....I would have done everything ...ANYTHING at see her feel better. To take all her pain away.

Allah, i am nothing but your humble pupil...i am in no power to do all that incredible stuff upon my mother....but please listen to my prayers: Please take her pain away, Allah...please let her come home and be well again, I promise You that insyaAllah I will accept her with her post illness problems and I will take good care of my mother the way she took care of me when I was little. I promise I will do everything in my power to make her happy, to make her worry no more.

Allah, please give me a chance to try paying back all her good efforts in raising me, I realize nothing can ever be good enough...but at least, let me attempt to do so. I haven't done much for my mother. I have no special things to offer but all my love, all my prayers, all my strength...the strength I learned from the very best mother.

Allah, now you know how I feel about my mother. The woman I admire most. The woman that teaches me to be an independent girl, that is not afraid to believe.

Allah, please show Your mercy to my mother....grant me Your miracles....let us be a family again.

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